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Opening of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library’s Air Force One Pavilion

The CHP system consists of sixteen 60kW Capstone MicroTurbines® that run on clean-burning natural gas and provide 95% of the electricity for both the new Air Force One Pavilion and the original 100,000-square-foot Ronald Reagan Library, both located in Simi Valley, California. The installed system consists of three UTC PureComfort™ packages, each with four Capstone MicroTurbines® and a Carrier obsorption chiller. The direct exhaust-fired absorption chillers capture thermal energy from the microturbines to provide 387 tons of refrigeration for cooling both the library and the pavilion. Four stand alone Capstone 60kW units were added for a total of 960kW of generating capability.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California

Air Force One Located in the Air Force One Pavilion

The Ritz Carlton, San Francisco Ribbon Cutting

At this prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel, a landmark in San Francisco’s upscale Nob Hill area, a UTC PureComfort™ 240M is providing combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) to the facility. The configuration is a combination of four 60kW MicroTurbines® and a double-effect absorption chiller from Carrier Corporation, UTC Power’s sister company. The chiller collects the microturbine’s exhaust in a manifold and puts out 161 refrigeration tons (RT) of cooling at an ambient air temperature of 59 degrees. UTC Power also produces PureComfort™ 300M & 360M including five 60kW, or six 60kW respectively.

The prestigous Ritz Carlton